“Dream of Heaven”


To celebrate the 60th birthday of the Belgium-China Association, the Belgium-China Association together with the Confucius Institute in Brussels kindly invite you at BOZAR for this amazing performance showing the best of Chinese culture, including traditional dance, music and martial arts.


1、维吾尔族舞蹈《掀起你的盖头来》Uygur Dance: Raise Your Head Veil

2、民乐小合奏《韵》Folk Music Ensemble: Yun

3、三人舞《邵多丽》Folk Dance: Shao Duoli, Beautiful Girls

4、民乐小合奏《霓裳曲》Folk Music Ensemble: The Melody of White Feathers Garment

5、京剧舞蹈《俏花旦》Opera Dance: Pretty Huadan

6、二胡独奏《战马奔腾》/韶琴重奏乐曲《Tiger Rock》
Chinese Traditional Instrument Er’hu Solo: Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead
Chinese Traditional Instrument Shaoqin Ensemble: Tiger Rock

7、武术:中国功夫 Martial Art Performance: Chinese Kongfu

8、民乐小合奏《采茶舞曲》Folk Music Ensemble: Picking Tea Leaves

9、歌舞《梦想天堂》Song and Dance Drama: Heaven of Dreams

10、谢幕 Curtain Call


Business members: free
All-in and club members: 10€
Non members: 23€ or 20€ according to the categories

More info on http://www.bozar.be/en/activities/122373-dream-of-heaven

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