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The Belgium-China Association was founded in 1957, 14 years before the two countries started their official diplomatic relations. The purpose of the Association has always been to promote China in all its aspects to the Belgian people, and vice versa.

The Business Services Department (BSD) of the Belgium-China Association focuses on the development of business links between the two countries and, with the extension of economic zones, we plan to extend our networks to the Benelux and Greater China regions.

The BSD established, through BCA’s network, relationships with Chinese think-thanks and also with various interest groups in a number of sectors at national and regional level. The BCA also provides a large database with recent economic reports and studies on the Greater China area.

Gert Lambrechts is responsible for the Belgium-China Association in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao and the Chairman of the Guangdong region is Marc De Schutter.

The BSD prepares and assists businessmen from both regions in their contacts and facilitates commercial procedures. The DSC’s staff comes from very diverse fields, which gives us the advantage of covering many industrial sectors. Each of our consultants has at least one master’s degree from a European university and five years of experience as an expatriate in China at the managerial level. Our Chinese accountant (CPA graduate) will also be available by appointment for more technical assistance in finance. Our Chinese employees can also represent you for tasks that require a physical presence in China, such as an audit of a certain production site.

Pre-investment studies

Market studies and feasibility reports
Entry alternatives
Delimitation of negociation parameters
Interview based pre-entrance coaching
Other customized research/reporting


Feasibility reports
Comparative studies on locations
Requesting a business licence
Training for future expats and courses on relational skills in China


Corporate structure and expat evaluation
Recommendations for corporate governance

China Club

(for Business members only)
Regular meetings to exchange experiences in a more informal way
Regular updates on legal or financial topics
Financial and tax advice
Organization of a sectoral delegation and guided business tour

Peripheral services

Site visit on behalf of the partner company or the financing company
Company audit and quality control
Gestion intérimaire et/ou assistance commerciale
Receiving delegations from China
Language courses for business people
Other specific services can be provided on request

Further information can be obtained by phone or email.

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