• Hans Van Mingroot

    Aug 29, 2015


    Will you also organise the medium- level course(s) this next academic year ? We're a group of 3 persons who have already done two years of evening school CVO (in fact three, but the third year was a failure) and feel ready to move to 'medium', yet can't find a place where it's organised. and must the teacher be necessarily be french/mandarin-speaking, or is there a possibility to have a dutch/mandarin- speaker ?


      Aug 30, 2015


      Dear Mr Van Mingroot, We have well received your information request. Yes, we are organizing medium-level courses this year. Our teachers are mainly teachers coming from China, so the language is not french but english/mandarin. The best thing would be to pass a small language level test so we can indicate you the best level for your group. In order to organize this test, please contact our secretary (+32(0)2/803.80.33). Kind regards, Nathalie Servranckx Belgium-China Association

  • Reply

    Hello, I am a postgrad researcher at the College of Europe in Bruges and I'm looking for Chinese courses in Brussels for the coming academic year. I have no previous knowledge of the language, and I would be interested in signing up to your 1b course (Wed 18-21h). A couple of questions: -how can I register? -in addition to the 3h of class every week, what is the average home-study workload per week? I am a committed student and I am looking for something that will enable me to make considerable progress even over the first year. -do you also provide individual tutorials for students looking for a faster learning path? Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Raïssa

    Oct 04, 2016


    Good morning,I would like to know the price for the advanced Chinese classes?

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