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Since 1957 the Belgium-China Friendship Association is promoting the friendship between Belgium and China. Any person willing to participate in this effort, without discrimination of language, race or conviction, is welcome as a member of the Association. The Association is completely independent, mainly relying on volunteers work to make China better known to the Belgian public and to promote the bilateral relations.

Present activities

The main axes of our work have been adapted to the new situation. Our main purpose today is to provide information about China to the Belgian public. This is realised through various activities:

  • the China Academy, an educational centre for Chinese language, Chinese kitchen, history, taijiquan martial arts, and other aspects of Chinese culture
  • a general interest China review in Dutch language ‘China Vandaag’, issued five times a year, and its French quarterly mini counterpart ‘Chine actuelle’
  • a Saturday-afternoon conference cycle, covering various tourist and other topics and a yearly cycle of movie or video presentations
  • a specialised philatelist service
  • a library offering the essential books published in or about China in the last 50 years, but also up-to-date actual information through electronic media
  • support to the organisation of exhibitions, conferences and film festivals organised by third parties, through providing speakers, artists, videos or exhibition materials
  • larger scale happenings at the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the National Day, or other important events
  • a yearly thematic China tour for our members, aiming at a deeper knowledge of present-day Chinese reality
  • co-operation with third parties for promotional events, festivals etc


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