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The Belgium-China Association was founded in 1957 to promote friendship between Belgium and China. Anyone who wants to help us to achieve this aim can become a member, without distinction of language, race or creed. The Association is a totally independent organization that essentially relies on the work of volunteers in order to make Chinese culture more accessible to Belgians and to develop exchanges between both countries.

Current organization

The initial goals of the Association have been adjusted to the new reality. More than ever, the Association has become an information centre and offers the following services:

  • The Confucius Institute in Brussels: Chinese Institute, which has been organizing for 25 years Chinese language courses, but also courses in Chinese cooking, Tai Chi, Qigong, history and Chinese culture;
  • Our magazine in Dutch « China Vandaag » and its French counterpart « Chine Actuelle »;
  • Our lectures on Saturday afternoon on various subjects;
  • Our monthly Cineclub and the participation of our audio-visual services to film festivals;
  • Our library/documentation centre that contains the most important literature works, covering 50 years of recent history and giving the public access to an electronic database with the latest information on today’s China;
  • Our exhibitions in the Association or outside with partners;
  • Contact with experts for lectures or training programs;
  • The activities we organize for the Chinese New Year, for the National Chinese Day on the 1st of October, or for other important events;
  • Our thematic trips for those who want to discover something else than classical tourism;
  • Our cooperation in different cultural events, travel fairs and more, always with the aim to promote Chinese leaning and exchange with the country.

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