Feng Shui workshop

Course ID
May 23d from 10am to 5pm
95€ / 85€ for members

In this one day workshop, Virginie Scaillet, counsellor in Feng Shui, will present to you the basic practices of Classical Feng Shui, using solely a compass, called Luopan in Chinese. A vegetarian lunch is served and included in the price. The course will be taught in French. Required for the course :

 Required for the course :

• Bring along a simple compass (the one on a smartphone or a compass used for hiking will do)
• Bring along the floor map of your residence (house or appartment) on scale, preferably printed in A3 format

 Course program : 

• How to use a normal compass
o How to distinguish sector and direction with practical exercises in the classroom
• Introduction to classical Feng Shui
o Why practice Feng Shui?
o What is Qi?
o What are the different methods and techniques used in Feng Shui?
• The fundamentals
o The 5 elements
o The 3 Main points
o The Bagua map
• The shapes in Feng Shui
o Exterior shapes
o Interior shapes
• The BaZhai method for houses and apartments
o the acquisition of formula’s
o the application of formula’s to your own home
 the key elements in Feng Shui
 How to correct negative cases
• the Gua of Life
o the acquisition of formula’s
o Practical exercise in the classroom

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