Confucius Institute in Brussels

confuciuslogo_100For 28 years already, Belgium China Association has been offering the largest range of Chinese Language and Culture courses in Belgium.

In October 2006 The Confucius Institute in Brussels was founded and officially inaugurated at the Egmont Palace, in presence of the Chinese deputy prime minister Mr. ZENG Paiyan and his Belgian counterpart Mr. Didier REYNDERS.

It is part of a vast international network that has been established with the support of the Chinese Government to promote and diffuse the Chinese language and Culture. Its activities are based on the previously existing courses of the former China Academy, the famous school of the Belgium China association that has more than 20 years of experience in teaching the Chinese language and Culture in Belgium.

hvd-zqyThe Confucius Institute in Brussels was the very first Confucius Institute to be established in Belgium, as officially stated in the agreement of March 2005 by The National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and the Belgium China Association.

Its Chinese partner, The University for Foreign Languages of Beijing, gained widespread recognition, and is regarded as one of the leading universities for foreign languages, offering 42 languages as well as Chinese as a foreign language and a wide spectrum of other special courses.

The objectives of the Institute are:

  • Promoting the Chinese language and Culture to the Belgian and European public.
  • Strengthening the Chinese-Belgian, and the Chinese-European friendship relations
  • The stimulation and development of multicultural exchanges
  • The Institute also wishes to contribute to a peaceful and harmonious society.

Its main responsibility consists of organising Chinese language and Culture courses, conferences concerning the Chinese Language and Culture, language and culture courses in China, the training of teachers specialising in Chinese as a foreign language, as well as offering pedagogical support, and contributing to the diffusion of information concerning the Chinese civilisation.


  • Anna Muszynska

    Jun 11, 2015


    Dear Sirs, I am interested in taking a chinese classes for beginners. Do you organise such courses? I would appreciate if you could let me know about prices and timetable. Warm regards, Anna Muszynska

  • Marleen Van Risseghem

    Jul 28, 2015


    Dear I am looking for a language course chinese in Belgium. It is for a child that followed lessons in an international school in China. The pupil wants to continue learning chinese. Is it possible to inform where courses are organised? Thanks in advance. M. Van Risseghem

  • Sebastiano Mori

    Oct 06, 2015


    It is with a great pleasure that the European Institute for Asian Studies invites you to the "Forum for Natural Disaster Resilience and Response in Asia". This one-day high-level forum will be hosted by EIAS in collaboration with its partners, at the Square-Brussels Meeting Centre on October 22. The event will focus on regional integration of capacity building and disaster response, with particular attention on looking at how countries in Asia can cooperate with each other, foreign partners and international organizations to improve resilience against disasters and emergency response. We expect some 200 members of the development community to be present at the forum, including representatives from EU and UN agencies, several Asian Missions, as well as other international organizations, such as the World Bank, FAO, Asian Development Bank, USAID, World Food Programme, and the private sector. Please find attached the program for the forum. To register for this event, please confirm your participation through our online registration form by Wednesday 21 October: ( Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Please do not hesitate to forward this invitation within your network. Best Regards Yours faithfully, -- Sebastiano Mori Junior Researcher European Institute for Asian Studies

  • godelieve renauld

    May 26, 2016


    Is ti possible to begin ac cursus fot beginners ? Do you organize such cursus ? Please give me the informations about the cursus and the price and when those cursus ate organised. Thank you.

    • godelieve renauld

      May 26, 2016


      Is it possible to folluw a curus for gret beginners and adults? Please give me the prize and the timetable. thank you.

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