Our added value: a key to the Middle Kingdom!

For centuries, Chinese people have been calling their country “Zhong Guo” (in Pinyin, which is the Latin alphabet transcription of Chinese characters). It litteraly means “the Middle Kingdom”. It’s long-standing culture of 5000 years, the impact of the communist regime, the deeply rooted Confucian regime and, recently, a complex economic transition from a planned economy to a market economy, are elements that make trade with China an adventurous journey.

In China, the development of new business strategies usually follows these steps:

  1. preliminary analyses and investment preparation
  2. start of relationchip in China
  3. on-site implementation and integration

This process can be both time-consuming and costly. It usually takes expats 12 to 18 months to adapt to the Chinese way of doing business. Our added value will be to guarantee you a fast and low-risk access to the Chinese market.